Torri Traliccio

Structure linear elastic analysis, according the Construction Science methods; security tests are carried out through the acceptable tensions method. Our mast towers are hot galvanized steel reticular structures for supporting transceiver antennas for broadcasting and telephonic stations. Smitt designs and realizes its structure indoor, from the project to the production, in this way the processing phases are controlled for guaranteeing an optimization of the production time while keeping a certified high standard quality. Self-supporting towers highness can vary from 6 to 130 mt. Structures are calculated according to the charges and the solicitations to which they will be exposed; this guarantees the precise dimensioning that allows the tower best performance. Electronic models are realized through CAD blow molds and then processed through a specific software that adapts the models to the language of the working machine elaborating the tower components. Smitt can offer the ”installation on site” service.



The dimensioning of the structure different parts and their charges are in conformity with the Italian Laws in force: C.N.R. Technical Laws 10011/97 “Steel constructions. Instructions for the calculating, the test and the maintenance”. D.M. 09th of January 1996 and 16th of January 1996, Suppl. Ord. G.U. n° 29 of 5th February 1996; Circular Min. LL.PP. 04th of July 1996, n° 156 AA.GG./STC.: Instructions for the application of “Techical Laws for the general criteria for construction, charges and security test” pursuant to D.M. 16-01-1996. UNI ENV 1933-1-1: Eurocode 3 steel structures design. Part 1-1 General laws and rules for buildings. Law 02nd of February 1974 n°64 “Measures for constructions with particular prescriptions for seismic zones”. Law 05th of November 1971 n° 1086