TDS is a modular product which offers a professional solution to any external surveillance need with a mast application. TDS allows a 180°or 360° coverage of areas to be protected, thus ensuring day and night detection of human intrusion as well as intrusion of cars.

TDS is made of a technologic, telescopic mast, available in three different heights, with a technical head at its top, which houses vision equipment and image processing systems, as well as data transmission systems.

These technological elements ensure professional heightinstallations, with quick and easy maintainability at ground without the need of aerial platforms: the mast is retracted and the technological head is taken to the ground, so that it can be cleaned and – if need be – maintained

A set of options is also available for the system, which can be therefore adapted to any external surveillance need:

  • The precast concrete platform, especially designed for the TDS system, which allows for an easy ground anchoring.
  • A shelter at the base of the mast, which can house Energy recovery equipment by protecting it from the elements and from malicious damage.
  • A trailer, for the transport and temporary placement of the system.
  • A mobile HTD structure (high trust detector structure), which ensures self sufficiency in energy and movement, even on off-road surfaces.




All the cables are contained within the mast and an automatic system rolls them up while closing the system. The safe power supply runs within the structure of the mast, thus ensuring total protection against external aggression of elements, animals and ill-intentioned people.


thanks to the telescopic system TDS (Telescopic Detection System) the mast, even if subject to strong wind solicitations, maintains a stability which allows the correct functioning of the video recording devices placed on top of the TDS.


The self-supporting structure and the absence of stays makes the mast much safer for pedestrians and thanks to a redundant internal drive system, TDS is classified as a high security system against tampering.

Small dimension

The surface covered by the mast is very small, and the absence of stays allows it to be installed even in very small spaces, next to gates, walls, perimeters or streets.



The innovative movement system allows a quick installation with opening and closing time of less than a minute.


The installation of the system is quick and easy, and its self-supporting structure allows for a rapid anchoring to the ground or on mobile units without any kind of stay. Ease of transportation thanks to its small size. Rapid installation at the ground or on a support base. The system can also be placed on mobile vehicles such as trailers or trucks.

Quick ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

The maintenance and configuration of the technological head is performed at ground, thus avoiding the use of aerial platforms and making it possible to work in the safest conditions.



Blob motion tracking analisys

The system is equipped with an advanced movement analysis algorithm which separates the fixed background image from the foreground ie the elements that move over it, identifying in an intelligent way abnormal movements and minimizing false alarms.

Intelligent tracking

Automatic tracking function of the target (up to 8 simultaneously) with detail enlargement. Fixed cameras film the moving target and the central computer communicates the location to the Domes, which quickly frame it and zoom it.

Automatic control system

v-ENGINE is the fanless device that combines high computing performance and low energy consumption. The intelligent DVR that records and simultaneously video analyzes all the cameras in the system by sending signals and alerts in case of suspicious situations. v-ENGINE is equipped with diagnostic systems, it operates with temperatures ranging from -40° to + 60° and is end-to-end accessible via WiFi up to 3 km away. v-ENGINE is the thinking brain of TDS, able to operate also in Cloud computing by sharing information with other TDS systems and with the video surveillance platform Xentinel.

Cloud architecture

TDS uses the most modern communication technologies in Cloud Computing. Thanks to a sophisticated video and alarm signals management, complex architectures can be created based on multi-mast systems able to monitor large perimeter areas under the full control of the supervision platform Xentinel Cloud.




The cameras allow the day and night coverage of the areas to be controlled. The use of suitable state of the art cameras allows for operational efficiency within a radius of 200m / 300 m (depending on the detection technology). The use of very performing and bright optics optimises the performance of the elctro-optical system of TDS, which is at present an excellence in terms of detection.


Thanks to the special algorithms for the detection of intrusions and the classification of intruders it is possible to reliably distinguish real threatens from false alarms. The six cameras (available for the most complete configuration) are constantly controlled by the software, which ensures the processing of 50 images per minute overall. The database of images allows to store up to 30 recording days. The alarm events can be stored for up to 60 days. The WiFi connection allows to download the high-resolution recordings locally.


The lighting body is made of a protecting single unit which contains the components for lighting. Various lens types are installed together with the Led (the total power ranges between 30W and 140W); in this way, the luminous flux can be adapted both to the size of the area to be lightened and to the height of the mast.



Head type B

This technological element allows to see, record and analyze anything happening with a variable and dynamic radius depending on the height at which it is installed thanks to the telscopic mast with TDS system which allows low maintenance costs. Its distinctive features allow to monitor target people. Areas and situations and in the absence of light, makes available a system of lighting bodies which illuminates without interfering with the recording sensors (video cameras). The materials of the case are highly impact-resistant.




Video surveillance of unmanned solar plants.


Control of large border areas.


Temporary control of construction sites, industrial sites and roads.


Supervision of stores, warehouses, areas of logistical access.


Supervision of sporting events, shows, concerts, demonstrations.


Permanent or temporary supervision of routes and roundabouts.


Control of military stations, checkpoints, most likely target areas.


Control of airports, ports, dry ports.