TDS monitors from 13 m high at a distance of 125 m corresponding to a total area of 49,000 m² through a powerful artificial intelligence.



The system uses cameras 6, 4 fixed and 2 speed dome for a 360 ° coverage

As you can see from the diagram, the moving objects are intercepted by the fixed cameras which command the dome in pursuit of the target.


Intelligent video surveillance, Auto Tracking and Auto Zoom 360 °.

  • Auto learning of the scenario.
  • 4 fixed cameras analysis.
  • Extrapolation and identification of moving objects.
  • Two-dimensional localization of the elements (x,y).
  • Three-dimensional localization of the elements in the area (p,t).
  • Activation of the speed dome area affected.
  • Target auto tracking.
  • Automatic Zoom of the target.
  • Transmission of alarms to the platform.
  • High resolution recording of all cameras.
  • Production of live video streaming of the alarms.
  • Lighting in case of night alarms.


The fixed camera detects the moving subject.

The fixed camera sends the target position to the speed dome.

The dome starts auto tracking procedure of the subject.

The dome performs an automatic zoom on target to magnify the details.



Emergency Station manual operatione.

Control Panel.

Charger and automatic generator management.

Generator alternator and water pump.


Automatic leveling system of the trolley.

External power socket.

Energy batteries for livelihood.

Horn and security lights and movement reporting.