Siti mobili

The mobile site is a complete station composed by three elements:

  • An homologated transport dolly;
  • A shelter for housing the equipments;
  • A telescopic pole;


The frame is made of galvanized steel and assembled with bolts, rudder “V shape”. Two attacks to abr of torsion and suspension of the independent wheels with dampers, braking plant to drum and bumper with automatic reverse. Little wheel for automatic support. Flatcar in sea plywood. Trailer of flatcar without banks, dimension 6.120×2.480×400 mm.


The basic frame is composed by pressure-bent and cold laminated elements as per our design and patent; the walls and roof puddings are made with laminated panels which have the external surfaces of galvanized and previously painted plate, with an interposed coat of rigid auto extinguishing polyurethane foam. The entrance of the shelter is carried out through a steel door composed by a shutter equipped with an anti-panic handle. On the door it is applied a double self-extinguishing washer made in black neoprene to grant an excellent sealing against water and dust. The hinges have the pin made in stainless steel and the outside in aluminum alloy painted with non scratchable epoxy powders. The floor is composed of sandwich panels having the same characteristics of the other panels; they are surmounted by wooden panels 18 mm thickness and coated by linoleum sheets 3 mm thickness. The floor can support an exercise load of 1.000 kg/m2. The roof is made with sandwich panels too with external covering in steel plates which guarantees impermeability and insulation from heat. It can support a charge of 250 kg/m2. The shelter can have conditioning equipments for cooling the inside air.


The mast is constituted by a telescopic pneumatic 8 sections column and special reinforcement roller skate anti-rotation and manual block to guarantee the extension in absence of air. Three or four ropes for positioning are included for bracing (15, 20 and 30 ms) and 3 rings sets for blocking the ropes. The stretching is made at 30° starting from the last section until the top distant from the axe of the column horizontally 12.590 mm, from the metal ring tube-holder 127 until the top distant from the axe of the column horizontally 9.545 mm and from the metal ring tube-holder 165 until the top distant from the axe of the column horizontally. The closed column is 3.900 mm tall, when extended it reaches 22.000 mm height with about 125 kg weight. The sustainable load is 140 kg and the oscillation at the summit, calculated with constant 110 km/h wind, is next to zero as the stress becomes completely released on the stretching ropes. The mast is assembled on a 90° overturning structure that makes it possible to transport the mast while stretched out.


The weight is approximately 1.875 kg.

  • CARRIAGE approximately 1.000 Kg
  • MAST approximately 125 Kg
  • SHELTER approximately 750 Kg