FB System poles are polygonal metallic towers designed for supporting telecommunication antennas. This type of patented tower has the following features:

  • No welding: no weak parts or defects;
  • “Panels”-formed modular structure: installation without using special cranes or large trucks;
  • Easy transportation: it can fit very limited spaces as the panels can be stacked;
  • Assembling: four technicians employed, without cranes, for about 12 hours working.

Towers can be from 6 to 42 mt tall. Sections are hexagonal or octagonal, realized by combining the proper number of variable thickness profiles, bolted between them. The tower is fixed to the ground through an appropriate base, strictly bolted to the anchor bolts into the foundation. In the structure tests, charges have been combined in order to give the most stressing situation for each module.




Advantage over polygonal or flanged poles:

  • Assembling: FB pole can be assembled without using rent cranes.
  • Transport: The disassembled FB pole can be transported on a simple pallet. In case of a hardly accessible site, the pole can be transported in pieces with a small four wheel drive vehicle.
  • Toughness: FB pole has a wind exposed pierced surface, that reduces the efforts and thus the oscillation, while the side coasts for the fixing bolts reinforce the entire structure.
  • Flexibility: FB pole is a bolted pole and has many hooking points for the accessories such as lifting ladders, antennas, camcorders, rest platforms.