In the TLC field it is getting stronger the need of a system able to face urgency derived from natural disasters, backups or network problems nature.

NATURAL DISASTER: where the normal distribution of the network is not available after a natural disaster.

BACKUP URGENCY: where the network is interrupted because of relevant damages.

NETWORK PROBLEMS: where the network does not work properly because it is not strong enough to satisfy the need. The product can be installed almost verywhere, even on broken ground or hardly accessible sites. Its mobility is ensured by a proper mechanic system specific for the transportation. The ISO certificate guarantees the transport by truck, by vessel,

by train and also by helicopter thanks to the upper eyebolts for lifting the shelter from the top. Upon request, the shelter can be especially designed for plane transports.


Each system is independent and designed for best responding to the environmental conditions. The equipments can vary according to different needs, starting from a basic version with an independent energy system with batteries and no-break inverters, an insider temperature controller which constantly check the temperature inside and outside, an independent lifting system that guarantees the engine loading and unloading and that place the shelter onto the ground, and at least one self supporting telescopic pole that can be up to 20 mt high.


This particular field requires great attention to operating activities. From the transportation to the positioning, the shelter is equipped with specific elements: for example, the double roof for tropical weather conditions, or heating system for hostile weather locations..

Our shelters can be fully completed by the following equipments and devices:

  • Manual or automatic POINTING of the PR devices
  • Automatic leveling system

Here you have a short description of the product:

  • Special configuration on truck 4×4
  • Bearing structure with integrated twist-lock block system
  • Pneumatic suspensions (optional)
  • Video system for making load/upload operations easier
  • Proximity detector (shelter correct positioning)
  • Electronic compass integrated into the cabin (alignment)
  • Integrated GPS system
  • Steel bearing structure
  • Rollawasy hydraulic rams into the shelter structure frame
  • Control board for leveling to the ground +/- 3 MaX
  • SMITT patented structure
  • Insulating panels
  • 2 telescopic poles for PR, 7 mt highness
  • Telescopic pole of 10 mt for SRB (with no automatism/inclination)
  • Telescopic pole support
  • Pole air extension system
  • PR poles manual pointing system
  • SRB radiant element fast hook/unhook head
  • PR parabolas fast hook/unhook head
  • Automatic moving poles controlled by remote controls
  • 15 kW electric generator diesel with tank 120lt
  • Cold 24000 btu conditioning
  • Warming through the resistance into the conditioner
  • 48Vcc power system with emergency batteries (2×180 Ah)
  • Air conditioning system
  • 15Kw diesel generator system
  • Security system with barriers for roof operations
  • Independent hydraulic ram supply system
  • Ram powering independent system
  • Int/ext LED lighting system


  • Shelters and special shelter systems EMI/TEMPEST
  • Court energy production and distribution systems
  • Court lighting systems
  • Communication systems
  • Interconnection systems
  • Electroacoustics
  • Environment monitoring mobile systems
  • Energy production and distribution systems
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (issued by Bureau Veritas Italia SPA)
  • SOA CAT OS19 (issued by C.Q.O.P. SPA)