Prodotti Cabinet

Cabinets are pre-fabricated structures for housing radio televisions and service wardrobes equipments. According to AT System criterion, cabinets are assembled without welding and their peculiarity is the extreme flexibility and the mounting easiness, with the possibility to be assembled directly on site for places where access is difficult.

The system also allows to realize Cabinets with dimensions “on demand” upon the customer’s request. The materials used derive from an accurate selection in which great attention is paid to their reliability, duration and environmental impact, in order to guarantee an ecofriendly high quality final product. Especially, the shelter structure is constituted from hot galvanized steel profiles studied by Smitt, while the cladding is constituted from sandwich panels with core in expanded polyurethane with 40kg/ m3 density and side sheets in prevarnished

steel, in aluminium or inox steel upon the customer’s request; bolting in inox steel. Our technical department is organized to evaluate and realize alternative solutions for satisfying the customer different needs. The cabinet metallic structure can guarantees high toughness. The dimensions are easily modifiable upon the customer’s request. It can be transported with the equipments already installed inside. In case of heavy thermal charges to dissipate, air-conditioners can be installed. Upon request we can also supply an integrated energy station studied and produced in Smitt